Really funny! - Noel P.

Sophomore is great! Loved the scene with Eddie locked in the car, never laughed so hard. - Jodie G.
This movie is absolutely amazing, EVERYONE should come see this movie. - Cecelia C.

For me Sophomore was a combination of Dead Poets Society with a splash or Porky's (both of which I loved) It was extremely well written and produced and some really good acting from the likes of Amanda Plumber, Patrick Warburton, Robert Keiper, Erin Foley and some surprising performances from the younger kids. There were numerous funny scenes that are not to be missed and well executed. There was a real through line that kept the film going and kept the audience interested and caring about the characters and their development. Go see it you'll be glad ya did! - Christopher H.

As I was watching it I thought about how, once it comes out on DVD, I would definitely buy it for my brother as a gift; it's really funny, and he and I both appreciate a good laugh, which it had many throughout. It was reminiscent of Dazed and Confused combined with a John Hughes flick, both of our favorite movies/directors. - Aimee J.

I loved it...couldn't stop laughing...and what a perfect ending! - Eric N.

I really enjoyed Sophomore. It had an 80's feel to it, and a LA style. It reminded me of Dazed and Confused meets Superbad. - Damon L.

It was funnier than seeing your friend get hit in the grapes! - Bob S.

The direction was a breath of fresh air. The movie had the originality of Napoleon Dynamite and the big laughs of American Pie. - Theresa W.

Really good! - Rob C.

There were burst laugh out loud moments for my wife and I. It was heartfelt, had great one liners, a lot of subtle, carefully thought out moments. Great cinematography. Really impressive work. - David B.

I laughed, I cried, I got a boner! - Kevin A.

Fuckin' awesome. - Bob B.

Lots of laughs and Cap the history teacher was really inspiring.. - Tony P.

Really enjoyed it! It was great! - Michelle S. and Michelle L.

Sophomore is a great movie! - Debby Q.

Go see Sophomore! - Lisa S.


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